Chosen To Be My Daddy

June 21, 2009

I looked and looked for the perfect Father’s Day card

But not one I read adequately expressed

The love I hold for you in my heart

Words were beautifully written

But for someone else’s dad it seemed

For not one could thoroughly describe

Just how much you mean to me

Only I can proclaim what I feel in my soul

For that is something no one else will ever know

Daddy, no matter what I do in this life or where I may go

Wherever you are that is truly my home.

It is an honor to be your daughter

And you make my life whole

I am blessed that you are the father

GOD had chosen for me so long ago

Chosen to be my father for now and always

Chosen to be my father who showers me with praise

Chosen to be my father who loves me unconditionally

Chosen to be the Daddy GOD knew I would need

Written By: Carolyn S. Rumple

For: Daddy on Father’s Day 6/21/09



May 31, 2009

 I recently attended my niece' high school graduation and as I walked into the gym I felt like I had walked out of the future right into the past, as all the feelings I had the day I graduated hit me like a ghost trying to take over my body. I remember well how nervous I was to walk down the aisle next to the tallest guy in my class. I was 5" tall but I looked like Thumbilina next to him. I also remember how scared I was to walk up on the stage to receive my diploma because my feet were so de...

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Mama's Touch

May 26, 2009
That's right little baby run into Mama's arms.
They're your shield from all of life's worries and harms.
Don't hurry out though cause tomorrow all too soon becomes today.
Everyone grows older and it seems to take only a second for life to slip away.
And so, one day Mama will go home to Heaven into GOD'S eternal embrace.
Then you'll realize, as the first of a million tears fall from your eyes,
You had a Blessing from which you rushed so much 
Your mama's arms - -the priceless gift of her touch.

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Many Men

May 19, 2009

Many men would have taken
an easier road and
left me stranded
to face life all alone.
Many men would not have stayed
when the going got tough.
After all, it is much easier to travel on a smooth surface
Than on one that is rough.
Many men would not have felt
my pain or cried because
they could not take it away.
But . . . you were with me
no matter what.
And, I thank God every day
for the many men you are not.

Carolyn Sue Rumple

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Just Like I Promised

May 16, 2009
In the dark hospital room I cried
Lord, please give her a little more time
I can’t be with her now
That’s plain to see
And, Lord, she is waiting
Waiting for me


I can’t believe that this is happening
She’s there and I’m here
And I don’t understand
I’ve got to get to her a fast as I can
She needs me to hold..hold her hand
Just like I promised

In the bright hospital room, the phone rang
My sister said she’s slipping…Mom’s slipping away
She is suffering with every breath she takes
I th...

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For Mommy

May 15, 2009

Eighteen years have come and gone

My faith has helped me carry on

Some days my soul still aches

But my heart has finally healed from It’s break

There are still moments when I am overwhelmed by grief

Moments when the pain rushes in and I can barely breathe

Knowing that your in Heaven gives me peace

And that one day, when we meet again

We will have forever to be together and spend

Only the LORD knows when that will be

So till then, I will be here waiting patiently


Written b...

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Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2009
Happy Mother's Day are words
I'll never hear from a child of my own so innocent and dear
Even though I'm a young woman with much life left to live
I'll never know the joy a newborn baby can give
For there's nothing left inside of me as a tool to create
There won't be the special birth of my child to anticipate
Some days I'm sad and I cry for that little miracle I cannot make
But the faith I have in God eases my pain
And helps me to see that there are children who need and depend on me
Not like they ...

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What Happened to Yesterday

May 4, 2009

What happened to 40, I just can’t believe

It wasn’t so long ago, oh, Lord, I’m getting old

What happened to 30, it seems like only yesterday

When I felt like now, I was finally on my way

What happened to 20, it was like a blink

When I thought that forever, I would be young and free

What happened to 16, a girl so full of hopes

Wishing on a star and having the faith to believe in her dreams

When did time so quickly pass by and where was I

I feel so nostalgic these days


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Do You Have The Family Odor?

May 3, 2009
OK, so today in church my pastor told this story about a man who was staying at a ranch. day the man walked outside to look around and saw a little lamb following a ewe, but the little lamb looked to have many problems. The little lamb appeared to have been born with extra legs and the hide on it's back looked cut and bloody. So...the man, staying at tge ranch, asked the rancher what was wrong with the little lamb and the rancher told him that the little lamb's mother had died and ...
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